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Advanced Profiles Can Handle All Large Water Jet Cutting Jobs
Large Waterjet Cutting There are many advantages to using waterjet cutting methods over plasma and laser cutting techniques for industrial materials. Waterjet cutting can be applied to a wider range of materials than other forms of traditional cutting as there are many materials that are unable to withstand intense heat. Waterjet uses cool cutting and, for this reason, produces jobs that are cut with the highest precision on materials such as plastic, marble, granite and stone.
How Does Waterjet Cutting Compare To Other Methods
More and more industrialists are using waterjet cutting as opposed to any other method for a variety of reasons. First of all, this form of industrial cutting does not cause vibrations. Therefore, waterjet cutting allows for smooth lines and angles and will not cause jagged edges. The cool cutting process means that materials will not become damaged or distorted under high heat levels. As quantities of copper, aluminum and steel are not cheap, it is important to get the job done right and make sure the material is protected and remains in tact. Waterjet cutting combines water with an abrasive substance and shoots this at high velocity from pressurized jets. The results are smooth angles, curves and lines.
By selecting waterjet cutting, it is possible to save time and money due to the ability of abrasive water jets to cut several pieces of thin materials at the same time. These advantages have made the advanced cutting method increasingly popular.
Large Waterjet Cutting From Advanced Profiles
Once you have decided to go with waterjet cutting, it is important to find the right company that will handle your job with care and professionalism. Advanced Profiles combines engineering knowledge, understanding of technological advancements and top-performing equipment in order to serve our customers. Our experienced personnel can decipher what you need done from your sketches, giving you exactly what you require at a price you can afford.
Our facilities enable us to accommodate material of virtually any size. Advanced Profiles uses 18 feet by 36 feet of table space with a 13 inch clearance from the dual cutting heads. With 100 horsepower and redundant top works, we can make a large waterjet cutting job much smaller using our total area footprint of 650 square feet.
In addition, we make dropping off and picking up your materials much more easy with our dual overhead cranes that can support up to 40,000 kilograms. Our customers can also rest assured that their materials are being stored safely while they are in our hands.
Due to our desire to provide simplified industrial cutting services for our customers, we can also perform plasma cutting and beveling. Call Advanced Profiles at 905-695-1245 to see how we can help you today.
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Stone is a difficult material to cut since it is both hard and brittle. Without the proper equipment, you can easily damage the expensive material. To find the expert who can handle the job, click here.
There are countless number of metal workers in a directory, so how can you find the right company? This website will be a good place to start on your search of a metal profiling company.
Bevel cutting is highly specialized service that few profile cutting companies are equipped to deal with. Advanced Profiles offers an expertise in the field of bevel cutting.
Plasma gouging is a lesser known approach to metal plate processing. However, as it is an extension of plasma cutting, it is assumes many of the same advantages as plasma cutting, as well as the ability to perform other functions.
Beveling with the use of plasma cutters is performed at the same time the metal is being cut, a definite time and cost savings for the client.
There are many approaches to precision cutting, specifically in regard to metal materials. The most common types include plasma cutters, laser cutters, and waterjet cutters.
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